Marketing and Training Solutions

As the founder of Marketing and Training Solutions, Suzanne Mladenvoich offers a unique and creative flair in her approach to training, combining learning with fun.

Suzanne specializes in curriculum development and training facilitation in the area of soft-skills training, catering to both educational institutions and corporations. Before founding the company Suzanne spent 10 years in the Telecommunications field in various sales and marketing roles. She is no stranger to volatile markets and the need to constantly redefine yourself and your business.

The Technology Coach Inc.

From an early age Nick Kenyeres developed an interest to help others to understand, cope with and embrace technology creatively instead of with apprehension. Nick founded the Technology Coach Inc. in April 1996 to help today’s business professionals learn about the technologies they use, maintain, sell or support so that their eyes don’t glaze over in front of their customers.

The Technology Coach Inc. designs, develops and delivers a wide range of “on-line” and “instructor-led” learning modules such as MS Office 2003 & 2007, advanced tools--Pivot tables; Scenario Manager; Solver; Internet-based technologies; and more.

Visionary Insights

James Voulakos is an Executive Leadership Coach with over 25 years of corporate sales and marketing experience. Combining his passion for business with his considerable relationship-building skills, James facilitates amazing transformations in people around a common vision, to achieve tangible results.

As a turnaround specialist he has managed and coached countless business professionals and executives during times of restructuring to stay focused on goal achievement.

James had a Bachelor of Commerce degree, is a Certified Professional Executive Coach, and a Professor of Management studies at George Brown College’s faculty of Business.

Diana Kawarsky is the founder and President of, a Toronto-based soft-skills training, coaching and consulting company.

Diana is a dynamic training professional who has over 15 years of experience working with diverse clientele. She is a people-developer, motivating her clients to exercise their personal learning styles to grasp and retain new information quickly.

Diana is an energetic, results-oriented consultant who takes great pride in influencing the human side of business.